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Benbow Environmental

Benbow Environmental is an Australian-owned environmental consultancy firm that provides environmental engineering services to government, public and private businesses. We assist in the planning, design, development and management of state, regional and local projects from large scale building developments to heavy industry, manufacturing, commercial entities and farming operations.

Our Services

Our Services

We specialise in environmental management and engineering assessments, plans and audits including:

Air and Odour

Benbow Environmental is able to provide a comprehensive range of services within the fields of air emissions and air quality. 

Noise and Vibration

Benbow Environmental, with 40 years of experience, are recognised as specialists in the field of Noise and Vibration.  

Development Applications

Benbow Environmental work with public and private business clients as well as government  in the planning, design and development of projects from large scale building developments to heavy industry, manufacturing and farming operations. 

Soil and Water Contamination

Benbow Environmental has extensive experience in undertaking assessments to determine the extent and nature of potential, or known existing site contamination and its potential risk to human health and or the environment. 

Hazards, Dangerous Goods and Chemicals

Benbow Environmental’s experienced consultants can provide expert advice on the handling, storage and transport of dangerous goods and undertake studies required for compliance or to evaluate risk. 

Environmental Plans

Benbow Environmental are highly experienced in providing advice regarding waste, including design of waste management facilities, resource recovery facilities and landfills. 

A message from Richard Benbow

Sustainable solutions are what we need in order to make the world a healthier place for the future, and I’m committed in finding them. 


With over 40 years’ experience and approximately 5,000 completed projects accredited to my name, I am recognised as a leader in my field.  My staff are all qualified engineers and scientists, offering a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience including;


  • Recycling, waste and refuse disposal systems

  • Urban mining – repurposing of demolition materials

  • Asbestos, hazardous waste and dangerous goods auditing and risk assessment

  • Noise and acoustics monitoring

  • Air quality and dust monitoring

  • Site and soil contamination assessments

  • Pollution incident response

  • Cleaner production facilities and industrial greenhouse gas assessments

  • Intensive farming environmental best practice

  • Training, both onsite and remote


Together, we can solve your environmental issues.  We deliver complete, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to take your business safely and efficiently into the next millennium.

Ready to find out more?

Contact us today and lets begin the discussion on how we can work together.

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