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Hazards, Dangerous Goods and Chemicals

Dangerous Goods and Chemicals

Benbow Environmental’s experienced consultants can provide expert advice on the handling, storage and transport of dangerous goods and undertake studies required for compliance or to evaluate risk.  Our capabilities in this area include:


  • Hazardous area zoning;

  • Auditing for compliance with zoning requirements;

  • Design of engineering solutions to satisfy hazardous area zoning requirements;

  • Design of dangerous goods storage areas;

  • Notifications to SafeWork;

  • Chemical and dangerous goods manifests;

  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and staff training;

  • Fire safety studies;

  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA);

  • Hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies; and

  • Assessment of major hazard facilities.

Fire Safety Studies (FSS)

Fire Safety Studies are prepared by Benbow Environmental in response to a client’s request or due to regulatory requirements. Our experience includes:


  • Assessing fire protection equipment for industrial plants;

  • Design of industrial plants to prevent fire fighting water from polluting stormwater systems;

  • Preparation of emergency procedures for fires at a plant that uses or stores chemicals;

  • Modelling of risk to a community if a fire occurs at a plant using or storing chemicals;

  • Preparing detailed fire manifests of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) to Fire and Rescue's exacting requirements;

  • Fire management studies for local government approval of industrial development;

  • Evaluation of toxic contaminants released from chemicals and fires;

  • Training and procedures in fire safety; and

  • Due diligence programmes.

Asbestos Management

Asbestos management involves a staged process specifically designed for the problem that exists.  This usually involves the first step of a hazardous substance audit.


A rigorous auditing protocol is followed involving inspecting the site, buildings, yard areas, roof spaces, under floor and air conditioning for presence of friable asbestos, asbestos insulations and asbestos containing materials (ACM). The audit includes lead-based paints and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s).


A NATA approved laboratory independent of Benbow Environmental is used to analyse the samples.


Benbow Environmental has experience in asbestos management that spans 40 years. Many difficult and unique projects have been successfully undertaken such as:


  • Roadways surfaced with road bases containing fragments of chrysotile and tremolite;

  • Quarrying basalt with seams of tremolite for a breakwater project;

  • Decontaminating primary schools;

  • Addressing teachers and parents; and

  • Remediation of numerous sites.

  • Our services include preparation of health and safety plans, supervision and air monitoring, and certificates of clearance.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a useful management tool that can be applied to decision making for a range of environmental and chemical management issues. Benbow Environmental have developed quantitative risk assessments using an extensive list of potential hazards we have identified from our long history of work experience in manufacturing and chemical processing plants.


Risk assessments are applied to our work in occupational hygiene, air modelling, chemical management, and hazard analyses. Techniques have been developed to use computational methods to quantify consequences of events. These methods include the latest air dispersion models, fault tree analyses, and TNO Effects model for heat and radiation, explosions and release of toxic emissions.


Our depth of environmental engineering and understanding of processes enables our clients to benefit from pragmatic and cost effective solutions to reduce the risk to acceptable levels.

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