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Development Applications

Benbow Environmental work with public and private clients, government and the community (via stakeholder engagement) in the planning, design and development of projects from large scale building developments to heavy industry, manufacturing and farming operations. Environmental planning is an increasingly essential element of the development process and continues to grow in importance as community expectations of sustainable development increase and statutory controls become more stringent.


Planning and development is regulated by state, regional and local plans and polices. Our qualified consultants are highly experienced in the providing technical justification for all developments independent of size, location and complexity.

Our team can assist in the preparation of detailed Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE), for all developments and can provide specialised advice in preparing the necessary documentation and environmental studies for Development Applications (DA) as well as undertake consultation with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. 

With 40 years’ experience in this area, we assess the environmental impacts of industrial developments. Our services extend beyond the design and development phases to management and monitoring of the proposed processes including the preparation of environmental management systems and plans, Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMPs) as well as specific site environmental procedures.

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