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Air and Odour

Air Quality and Air Quality Studies

Benbow Environmental is able to provide a comprehensive range of services within the fields of air emissions and air quality. This includes measuring emissions and air quality at sites according to Australian Standards, modelling air dispersion and air pollution impacts, developing management programmes and controls, and interpreting the regulations concerning air matters.


A wider description of these services follows below.

  • Design of ventilation systems

  • Stack design to prevent health effects on the residential community or odour nuisance

  • Computer modelling using ‘TAPM’, ‘AERMOD’ and 'CALPUFF'

  • Performance assessment of combustion processes

  • Environmental Monitoring Programmes

  • Environmental Auditing

  • Due Diligence Programmes

  • Assistance with Environmental Protection Licence (EPL) applications and annual reporting to regulators

  • Climatic effects on air emissions

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – building air conditioning/ventilation systems

  • Measurement of particle size distributions of emissions

  • Design control measures

  • Odour Measurement and Control


Odour Measurement and Control

Benbow Environmental can measure and determine odour dilution units (ODU), or odour concentration in odour units (OU), from olfactometry laboratory analysis and real-time field measurement devices such as the “ Nasal Ranger”. From these measurements, specific odour emission rates can be calculated.


Odour releases from existing and proposed operations can also be assessed using industry recognised modelling techniques to determine odour impacts, and thus allow the means to plan for control measures if need be.

Occupational Hygiene

Our occupational dust experience extends over 40 years.  In conjunction with our occupational hygiene laboratory and an independent NATA approved analytical laboratory, a wide range of particulate matters can be measured.  Predominant amongst these is respirable quartz.  We maintain a large number of personal sampling pumps, anemometers, Dust traks and other air quality devices.  Our services in occupational hygiene include:


  • Personal and static pump sampling;

  • Sampling and assessment of a range of substances including, respirable dust, inhalable dust, respirable quartz, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and stannic chloride;

  • Sampling of molds in office environments;

  • Annual sampling programmes;

  • Design of solutions to contaminant exposure; and

  • Recommendations of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

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