Premier Music Concerts’ Noise Management

Richard Benbow

Four premier music concerts in vastly different environments present many challenges, one being achieving high enough music noise levels for patrons without causing significant disruption to the amenity of residents.

Benbow Environmental assists selective outdoor music events and has achieved a zero non-compliance noise management approach.

Concert:  Rochford Winery (Macedon Highway, YarraValley)
Outcome: ZERO complaints, ZERO non-compliance last six major events
Concert:  Sober Santa & Shore Thing (Bondi Beach)
Outcome: ZERO complaints, ZERO non-compliance, Now seven years without any non-compliances and four years without a complaint
Concert:  Falls Festival (North Byron Parklands)
Outcome: MINOR number of complaints, ZERO non-compliances
The success in achieving non-compliances is in the management approach with strong input from the production manager, site owners, the front of house (FOH) sound engineer and the acoustical consultants.

The next step in ensuring zero to minimal complaints is in the setting of the difference between the dB(C)–dB(A) levels.  This needs to be set and maintained at the FOH.

The response from the community at these events has been very supportive of the need for outdoor venues and, provided the residents are given the respect and consideration they desire and deserve, a balanced outcome results.

Hence Benbow Environmental spend a lot of time on consultation, developing a relationship and being diligent in maintaining FOH levels free of highly irritating bass rhythms, tones and beats that send the irritation chart into the red-complaints zone.

sound triangle4

There is a subjective level that is derived from noise observations and this is behind the success of our noise management approach.  Benbow Environmental avoids undertaking this work for most of the other mainstream events.

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