Odour Impact Assessment for a Small Scale Waste Treatment Facility, Pendle Hill

Duke Ismael

Benbow Environmental has recently prepared an Odour Impact Assessment for the proposed waste treatment facility to be located at Pendle Hill, NSW. The facility was designed to accommodate solid and liquid wastes up to 500 tonnes per week, which is equivalent to 26,000 tonnes per year. The plant mainly operates a dissolved air floatation system to remove the contaminants from wastewater, producing grey water for re-use off-site. Odour emissions from the facility were determined to be from the delivery point up until the treatment process. The proponent has proactively decided to implement an odour control system to ensure that these emissions are captured, with the control system being capable of reducing the odours by up to 90%. It was understood that the proponent has established a similar system in an existing site in NSW. 

The proposed site was to be located in the commercial/industrial area in Pendle Hill, and was approximately close to 200m from the nearest residences. Results from the Air dispersion modelling show that the odour impacts at these residences would not exceed the NSW EPA odour assessment criteria. This report was recently submitted to the consent authority for review, and the proponent was satisfied with the outcomes of the assessment.

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