Odour Impact Assessment for a Proposed Small Waste Treatment

Duke Ismael

A study has been recently completed by Benbow Environmental to assess the potential odour impacts from a proposed waste treatment facility to be located in Yennora, NSW.  The proposal includes the operation of a series of holding tanks and a sludge separating system, which has been determined to generate odours that could potentially impact the nearest potentially affected receptors such as residences, schools, child care centres and other dwellings for health-sensitive persons.  As part of the site’s design, an odour control system has been proposed to be installed to ensure that odours from the process would be reduced down to the minimum possible.  Air dispersion modelling conducted for the assessment has shown that impacts at the nearest potentially affected receptors were minimal, given the proposed installation of the odour control system.  The consent authority has recently provided approval for the development, which we are pleased to hear.

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