NSW Bush Fires

Duke Ismael

A document entitled “Planning for Bush Fire Protection” (PBP) has been prepared by the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) in 2006 in an attempt to link responsible planning and development control currently being upheld by local and state authorities with the protection of life, property and the environment.  Currently, this document has been proven to show the importance of these guidelines, given the terrifying bushfire incidents that have been occurring as of late.

As of today, it has been reported that there are 62 fires burning across New South Wales, with 13 uncontained (according to 7News).  Some of these fires have reported to have destroyed nearly 200 homes last week and damaged a total of 109 buildings.  A total fire ban has been put in force for the Greater Sydney and the Illawarra/Shoalhaven area until further notice.

The efforts made by the NSW RFS have been significant and is being demanded constantly and will continually be demanded in the future.  All that is capable of volunteering is encouraged to help.  A link has been provided below, summarising the list of options of how you can help today:


For any assistance relating to developments complying with the Bush Fire Protection guidelines, please do not hesitate to contact Benbow Environmental.