Keeping up with Technology

Albert La

Technology began with the simple conversion of raw materials into something simple. It has evolved at an extremely fast pace, changing the impossible to an everyday norm.

The Air Quality Team were invited to the Australian launch of the Palas FIDAS 200 real-time particulate monitor hosted by ecotech. Meeting a number of professionals varying from a research background to environmental backgrounds, the team experienced the benefits associated with the new device in person. The FIDAS 200, engineered by the German company Palas, allows for reliable, simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP and particle number concentration. Conventionally, measurement of these air quality parameters required the use of multiple technologies, where PM2.5 and PM10 were measured using different devices. The introduction of the Palas FIDAS 200 has simplified monitoring for a wide range of environmental practices from a procedure requiring multiple devices to one device. The device has been tested and certified with a range of environments in other countries. Its use in Australian environments has yet to be confirmed, but shows a great deal of promise and an improvement with efficiency for Air Quality monitoring and measurement.

Benbow Environmental has always made an attempt in being updated with technology and this will be one of the many experiences to come.

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