Health Impact Assessment for the Use of a Fragrance Compound in an Existing Shopping Plaza, Sydney CBD

Duke Ismael

A study was recently completed by Benbow Environmental to undertake a health impact assessment for the proposed use of a fragrance compound in the main lobby of a shopping plaza in Sydney CBD. The assessment was focused on determining whether toxic effects would be expected upon examining the main active ingredients that constitutes the compound. Research was undertaken by reviewing documented dose response information, experimental tests and records of exposure to humans from past events to determine whether any of these active ingredients could cause some of the identified acute and long term health effects. These health effects include eye/skin irritation, diarrhea, and sensitisation. The outcomes of the assessment has shown that although impacts were well below the thresholds for health effects, there may still be a potential for an allergic reaction to occur given the limited information available for allergies on most of the identified active ingredients. Due diligence recommendations were provided to assist management on this matter.

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