Final Hazard Analysis for a Proposed Milk Processing Facility

Duke Ismael

Benbow Environmental was recently commissioned to prepare the final hazard analysis for a proposed milk processing facility located in Erskine Park, NSW.  Various quantities of dangerous goods were utilised or stored on site, including sodium hydroxide solutions, nitric acid and varying quantities of refrigerants, which have been determined to pose a significant risk to the surrounding land use if not managed appropriately.  The key to management is to ensure that the design, procedures, and activities surrounding the handling and use are all compliant with the objectives of the state environmental planning policies, specifically with regards to risk minimization, fire protection, incident management, mitigation of flame propagation to the surrounding land use and/or to critically hazardous areas on site, and containment of fire fighting water.  The study has found that with the recommendations provided, the proposal meets all safety requirements stipulated by the consent authority and was not considered to be under the definitions of an “offensive or hazardous development” in accordance with the guidelines.

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