Environmental Audit

Benbow Environmental completed a full environmental audit for a manufacturing facility in Picton, NSW. The purpose of the audit was to assess compliance with the environmental control measures detailed in the statement of environmental effects accompanying the development application. The audit assessed noise, air quality, soil and water, chemical management and waste. The noise compliance component assessed the noise contribution at the nearest sensitive receivers, the sound power level of mobile equipment and utilized three high resolution audio loggers to calculate the noise impact at nearest residences over the course of a week of operations. The air quality compliance component assessed the performance of the air extraction, scrubber and exhaust system. The soil and water assessment reviewed the installation of stormwater controls including stormwater isolation valves and Humeceptor and the related staff training, maintenance and servicing. The chemical management component assessed the storage of dangerous goods requirements, including the bunding of storage areas, installation of approved cabinets, placarding, fire services, manifest and emergency plan review. Finally the waste compliance assessment included a review of waste tracking documentation.

Benbow Environmental provides a wide range of environmental services to help our client resolving nearly any type of environmental issue.  We provide the best and practical solutions our help our customers to achieve compliance with the relevant regulations and guidelines.